Change Management Plan Paper

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Change Management Plan Paper
University of Phoenix Change Management Plan Paper
This paper will discuss CrysTel a telecommunication company that has come to the realization that they need to develop a corporate culture that can support constant change. The first topic reviewed will be the Implications of Organizational Change and associated impact on employee behavior. The next topic the paper will discuss is the proposed change model and the potential impact that human variables and resistance to change will have on the process. The paper will review CrysTel will address employee reaction to the change specifically resistance to the change. The third topic, Measures to Monitor Progress will
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"When managers learn to activate willpower, or volition, in themselves and others, companies reap the benefits of purposeful action taking and see more projects completed; however, engaging volition is not easy." Ghoshal & Bruch (2003). There are five strategies that CrysTel will be implementing "(a) help people visualize their intention, (b) encourage people to confront their ambivalence, (c) prepare people for obstacles, (d) help people to see and exploit choices, and (e) build in stopping rules". Ghoshal & Bruch (2003). The current culture at CrysTel is driven by the Technology Development and Technology Operations Departments which encourage employee innovation, team empowerment, risk taking and have well defined conflict resolution processes. These characteristics combined with a leadership team that is participative make Technology Development and Technology Operations Departments among the strongest in the company. This culture is somewhat in conflict with the Sales and Delivery Department and the Marketing Department, where there is poor communications, low job satisfaction and low organization commitment.
"The key to any change activity or process is to move the organization or group towards a higher plane of satisfaction, effectiveness or efficiency". Powell (2002). The Human Resource Department (HR) will play a pivotal role in the implementation of a new change culture at CrysTel. Historically the HR has been


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