American Well Case Analysis

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Marketing I

Assignment 2

14th August 2012


Group 1, Section B A Logesh (2012PGP001) Debraj Das (2012PGP101) Lopes Raoul Reginald (2012PGP187) Piyush Gulati (2012PGP253) Roshan Anand (2012PGP316)

AMERICAN WELL: THE DOCTOR WILL E-SEE YOU NOW 1. Which of the new market opportunities do you see as the most promising? Various market opportunities available for American Well are : Hospitals – Installing an online case kiosk in emergency room will allow patients to consult physicians’ online while waiting to be seen. Moreover, the physicians would already have preliminary information about the ailment of the patient, improving the hospital’s overall efficiency. It would also help the
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Economic environment: 14% of Americans did not see the doctor due to cost concerns 17% paid out of pocket because of no health insurance schemes Socio Cultural environment: Patients sometimes hesitate to reveal embarrassing diseases or diseases with stigma attached to them. Technological environment: Internet has now become central to a lot of things people do People now prefer (74%) to get response from doctors over mails

Company The entrepreneurial roots and previous experience of the Schoenberg brothers in providing healthcare related IT products gave them an advantage in terms handling the product. As far as the Online Care product is concerned, they had the first mover advantage which would give them immense value as far as selling the product in the market goes. Collaborators and Complementers Various complementary parties stand to benefit as a result of the online health care system. Doctors: Doctors also stood to gain vastly by the adoption of this system by insurance companies. They could earn more due to regular demand, avoid costs such as hiring of employees and leasing of office space and equipment. It could also benefit doctors who have retired from regular practice and those in regions where demand of healthcare services is very low. Hospitals and Health Clinics: These places could also be benefitted, because demand of a particular health service can be easily conveyed beforehand by the insurance companies, and accordingly


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