Descarte and Pierce

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Descartes and Peirce both believe in belief and doubt. However, Peirce argument and determination to find a solution to overcome doubt is much stronger than Descartes’. Peirce also makes it known that he is aware of belief in which Descartes does not. Their beliefs result from the notion of clear and distinct ideas. Peirce and Descartes are both rationalists who believe that there is an independent truth and they know it when they see it. The problem that exists is that Descartes and Peirce realize that their senses and ideas could lead to rejection and doubt. The difference between Peirce and Descartes argument is that Peirce argues that to understand the effects of something is to understand what it is. Peirce uses the example of objects …show more content…

In reality, dreams are not real.
Unlike Descartes, Peirce believes that with tenacity people can come to a conclusion of what is true rather than be doubtful. Peirce and Descartes both seem to believe that doubt and belief have different effects on humans but they are positive at the same time. For example, in the book Pragmatism in the section The Fixation of Belief by Louis Menand he states, “Belief does not make us act at once, but put us into such condition that we shall behave in a certain way, when the occasion arises” (13). In this section, Peirce continues on to explain that doubt can lead one to struggle to believe the truth.
My position on the issue at stake is that Peirce and Descartes both have some similarities in their positions about belief and doubt. However, Descartes gives me every reason to continue to think that he is confused with life. First, he doubts his existence on earth. Second, he doubts the existence of God and his own physical being. The reason why I am more so on Peirce’s side is because he basically explains that one must have a clear perception on how to believe and have a belief so that they one can eventually understand the meaning of reasoning. It is clear that Descartes and Peirce have different concepts of belief. However, I feel that Peirce is more concerned with reality. I also feel that Descartes has to prove that his thoughts on belief are clear and meaningful to others while he