Organizational Leadership Task 3

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Health Utilization and Finance
Melissa Dorn
Organization Systems and Quality Leadership
Western Governors University

The United States and the United Kingdom have a lot of systems that are operated the same, such as their legislature and government operations, but the one difference is how they offer healthcare. The US healthcare system is an almost fully private system and the UK healthcare system is socialized. One may ask well what does this mean exactly. And the answer is that in the UK everyone has access to healthcare no matter how poor or rich they may be. The insurance is paid through taxation. In the US, the insurance is mostly private, which means that a person will have to pay for insurance premiums out of their pocket.
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(Gulliford & Morgan, 2013).
The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK was introduced in 1948 (McClintock Roe). The plan offers a comprehensive health plan covering pharmaceuticals and high quality healthcare in all fields of medicine. The bills are paid out of different “trusts” that have been established depending on the type of service that was utilized. Patients don’t receive bills for services rendered and because the NHS is made up of government-salaried employees the compensation is typically provided by salary and or bonuses. This healthcare system is offered to everyone in the country including children and the elderly. The problem that this system causes is long waiting lists and high demands. Making it more difficult for people of all ages to acquire the needed health care in a timely manner. A lot of parents end up flying their children out of the UK to the United States so that they can get most advanced care services that they require. Unemployed individuals are usually cared for in district hospitals. The NHS system allows both the elderly and the unemployed to choose the healthcare provider that they wish to take care of them (Gaynor et al., 2012).
Medication Coverage
The fact that the United States healthcare structure is designed in a way that it is insurance based, it means that it is employers to most individuals who are


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