Crime Causation and Diversion

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Crime Causation and Diversion
Freedom Chrisman
Crystal Gregory
March 1, 2012

In today's society, there are more and more juveniles getting involved in criminal activity. Low self-esteem, poor decision-making and communication skills, association with a negative peer group, and a dysfunctional family unit are some characteristics of delinquent youth creations (Extension Journal, Inc. 1993). With this being said, there are also many different types of juvenile diversion, intervention and prevention programs and resources available for these juvenile to help with rehabilitation. These programs are created to help the youth with criminal activity issues and help reduce to eliminate the rate of
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The juvenile is the key participant within the program. They must be willing to take every step, every possible advantage given to them in order to be rehabilitated and not return to the life of crime. It is to the juvenile how far they want to take this program and how well they want it to work. The services provided by OJJDP are limitless. There are 20 plus programs for juveniles of which may participate in based on the situation or need. Each juvenile in the system has separate rehabilitation steps that need to be followed in order to reach the ultimate goal of rehabilitation. Services provided are not only for the juvenile themselves but for the families of the juvenile, the victim and the family of the victim. All play an important role within these programs in order for success not only for the juvenile and the victim, but for the program as a whole. These programs are designed for success and not failure. Success brings positive roles models to the community, and that is the main goal of the OJJDP Program. The second program that will be discussed is the Ohio Cooperative Extension/Extension Service Juvenile Diversion Program, (OCE/ESJD). This program was established in 1986 in the Paulding County of Ohio. This program was created in order to build a relationship with the community by taking part in the juveniles’ rehabilitation