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How has Social Networking affected the sporting industry?

From all the premier sports athletes like LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Andy Roddick, Michael Phelps to all of the big-time sports anchors and newscasts like Chris Berman or Dick Vitale. Social Media has changed the dynamics of how people watch and follow sports on a daily basis. Social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook are two big networks that allow people to stay up to date with their favorite team and/or athlete.
Social networking began to boom around seven or eight years ago and is continuing to grow rapidly all around the world. I use both Twitter and Facebook on a day-to-day basis. I am checking on
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Jordan Turgeon had talked with a psychologist by the name of Dr. Larry D. Rosen who researched the effect on the subject. He talked about giving a “kin” an Ipad rather than a toy could cause some attention disorder effects for the child in the future; although, some children use the technology and allow their minds to grow. "Everybody knows that what you write is public, but because there's a screen in front of you, you feel somewhat anonymous," Rosen said. Facebook can also have a positive impact on young adults’ lives by helping them be more empathetic”
His research shows people who engage in more Facebook activities - more status updates, more photo uploads, more ‘likes’ - also display more virtual empathy. If someone posts he had a difficult day, and you post a comment saying, “Call me if you need anything,” you've just displayed virtual empathy. Even better, Rosen's initial research suggests this could also translate into empathy in the real world. (Rosen) Among other findings, Rosen discovered a relationship between heavy Facebook use and narcissism in teens. In another of Rosen's studies, students who frequently checked Facebook during study sessions also reported lower grades.
Samuel Ashbrook is a college student from the University of South Carolina and he wrote a piece about his thoughts on the subject. He also presented some interesting facts throughout his blog


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