The Criticism of Social Contract Theories

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Tatum Schneidmiller
Justice Theory
Assignment #1
Ward Churchill's criticism of social contract theory clearly applies to classic social contract theories that we discussed. However, Rawls adds the veil of ignorance concept to his more modern social contract theory. A) Explain the basics of Rawls and Churchill's arguments and how they each criticize classic social contract theories. B) Discuss whether or not Churchill's argument applies to Rawls' modification and explain how and why it does and/or does not apply to Rawls' theory. C) What remedies might you deduce from Rawls' theory that would address the injustices toward American Indians?
John Rawls, of the most important political philosopher, is primarily known for his theory
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Churchill wanted to honor the promises of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in times of tranquility and crisis despite everything. “It was Churchill's great desire as a statesman to make his country worthy of the tasks set before it, to enable it to overcome the perils it faced within as well as without; but he also wanted to ensure that other nations would not surrender the blessings of liberty.
In Churchill’s, “Perversion of Justice”, he seeks justice for the descendants of the first people to inhabit North America. Something called the “Doctrine of Discovery” enabled European states to make formal treaties with native nations. Once they did this, they could take property from these natives. The “Norman Yoke” proposed that land rights were given to the one that would develop the land. The “Marshall Doctrine” was used to illegitimately justified U.S. pursuit of territory acquisition from the Native Americans. Despite the doctrine, Churchill believed that the U.S. didn’t have any real, legitimate any rights to half of the land. That land in his beliefs was unjustly taken from the natives. “ In order to make things right we should reverse the Marshal Doctrine and dismantle the structure it fostered” (Churchill, 1998).
The Marshal doctrine manipulated the conception of warfare. Since the United States was allowed to change the meaning of “just” and “unjust” in order to wage war


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