Omega Pharmaceutical Manager's Workshop

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This document attempts to outline and analyze the causes of three underperforming sales representatives through various motivational perspectives and theories. Each sales representative’s situation is individually addressed. The author then reflects on practical application of motivational theories in his personal work environment.

Omega Pharmaceuticals manufactures and distributes Obstetrics-Gynecology drugs to wholesale distributors. Omega utilizes an internal sales office with twelve independent sales representatives to market its products to wholesale distributors and doctor’s offices. Seven of the twelve sales representatives are effective in their job performance. Omega maintains a quarterly sales report with various
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During the interview, Jim states that his priorities have changed since his father died. He stated that his list of priorities is self, family, and then work. Jim was asked if he wanted to continue to work for Omega. Jim stated that his father left him enough money that he did not need to work. He also said he likes certain aspects of his job and he will miss the doctors he works with. When asked if he would continue working if there was a creative solution available, Jim became excited and stated that he had been talking with his wife and they had discussed becoming co-representatives. Since she is a registered nurse, she could bring value to Omega while allowing them to spend time together and with the family. The company worked the arrangement out for Jim and his wife, and the following quarter their sales were 520 units. Jim’s case illustrates the importance of personal needs within the motivational framework. All three major theories Maslow, ERG Theory, and dual structure theory address inter personal relationships as a necessity for personal motivation. From the Maslow perspective, his father’s death affected the third category of Jim’s needs, the need for belongingness. From the ERG perspective, it affected Jim’s relatedness needs. The dual structure theory would indicate that Jim’s hygiene factors for interpersonal relationships and working factors were highly dissatisfactory.