Continuum of Care

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Continuum of Care: Home Health Care
This paper will explain the components of the Home Health Care delivery system of continuum. The reader will be able to understand some of the services provided by the home health care system and how they fit into the continuum of care. It will give details on how the entity does or does not contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources.
In conclusion, it will examine the future trends of health care and discuss how the home health services will be impacted or have a need to change to meet future trends. The continuum of home health care pertains to the diversity of health care services rendered for the existence of a person’s life. Home health care organizations offer nursing
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The patient must not require around the clock care and it must be ordered by a physician. Most importantly, care must be medically required
The entity contributes to various specialty areas in healthcare. Continuum home health care has been in existence for many years but certainly not by that name. Decades ago, physicians made house calls out of necessity and caregivers consisted of family members and friends. More options are given today based on the needs on the individual. There have been changes in health care in regards to reduced hospital stays and elderly populations which are both reasons for home health, hospice and skilled nursing facilities a part of today’s growing health outlook.
All of these approaches to health care serve a special yet significant role in the development of contemporary health care. Continuum of home health includes many services for various types of patients. Included but not limited to any age of disabled people, elderly, the chronically ill and persons recuperating from severe illnesses. Continuum of home health care could be in conjunction with home-meal delivery.
This service provides the qualifying patient with two meals per day. These services will guarantee the patient has a balanced lunch and dinner to keep them nourished. Most critically ill patients and elderly patients go on with their


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