Bandag Automotive Case Study Human Resources Management

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MGMT 315 - Human Resources Management

Bandag Automotive
Automotive Parts Distributor to improve Human Resources function

Introduction/ Executive summary
Customer name: Bandag Automotive
Location: Illinois, United States
Industry: Automotive supplies – distribution and retail
Employees and Customers * 300 employees * 5 retail stores * Service stations * Repair shops
Organization chart

Customer Profile
Bandag Automotive is a family owned company based in Illinois that employs 300 people. The company’s sole business is automotive parts distribution through two divisions: business supply and retail stores.

Business Situation
Recently, Jim Bandag took over the company from his father, who founded Bandag Automotive. Jim’s
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If she wasn’t happy with her schedule she could have quit. Bandag’s HR system failed here because a job description and contract could have prescribed specific working hours, which she would have to abide by.

The fourth and final case is a truck maintenance employee who is deaf. The employee applied for a job driving one of Bandag’s distribution trucks, and Jim directly turned him down because of his disability. We believe that the employee will win if he sues Jim, unless Jim can prove that the employee was denied because there were more qualified applicants and in no way because of his disability. Yet it is still pretty risky because the court system is very strict about the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the deaf employee can prove that Jim thinks that is absurd for a disabled person to drive a truck, he will win and cause monetary and public damages to the company. Our solution to mitigate the problem is to rescreen all applicants, including the employee to see if he is qualified for the job. If he is, offer him the job if he is still interested, and he will hopefully drop the case.

We recommend that Bandag Automotive form a new, separate Human Resources Unit. The new HR unit will be dedicated to the Bandag’s strategy and will be completed in two stages. First, recruit an HR manager who will work with Jim’s father as his