Unit 12 Child Care Level 3

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E1: Describe the main food groups that are essential to meet the basic needs of the body.
Food group
Nutrients provided
Examples of foods
Why are these essential for health and wellbeing?
Bread, other cereals and potatoes
Carbohydrates, Some calcium and iron, B vitamins and dietary fibre.
Pasta, rice, wheat, corn, bread and potatoes.
Carbohydrates are essential for providing energy and are broken down inside the body and turned into sugar that is released slowly.-Dietary fibre is also found in this food group and used to keep regulation of the bowels and isn't actually absorbed into the bodies. Instead it passes through the gastrointestinal tract and excreted. This makes sure the bowels and intestines are kept healthy.
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Children that have a lot of E numbers may also be hyper and have trouble settling down and sleeping.
Research scientists at the UK's Asthma & Allergy Research Centre, working on behalf of the Food Standards Agency, concluded that 'significant changes in children's hyperactive behavior could be produced by the removal of colorings and additives from their diet'
Intelligence-Studies since the 1980's have shown evidence those children that are given supplements on a daily basis may have higher IQ scores compared to children that lack the recommended amount of vitamins. Children with good diets may also find it easier to concentrate in classes and would be able to reach their potential. ‘Poor nutrition leads to low IQ, which leads to later anti-social behaviour’- /news.bbc.co.uk/health- 2012
Dental health-Children could have poor dental health if they are having a lot of sugar from refined sugar in junk foods as refined sugar feeds the bacteria in the mouth, causing cavities. Children who eat a lot of fruit could also have poor dental health from the acid and the sugars that are found in fruits. Processed foods and soft have dyes and additives too them which can lead to staining of the teeth.
‘What your child eats affects his or her teeth. Too many carbohydrates, sugar (for example, from cake, cookies, candies, milk, and other sugary foods and beverages), and starches (for


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