Fast Fit Case Study

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Fast Fit Case Study

* Mark the main flows of goods and money in the diagram (above) and employ a key or table of descriptive elements to explain your answer.

Key Symbol | Explanation | | The supplier gives the FastFit Warehouse the goods that the company needs. The excess is then stored as inventory. | | The double-sided arrow explains the communication between the headquarter and the warehouse in that the warehouse has to let the headquarters know how many goods are in storage, how much is needed, and by when. | | The warehouse sends the packaged goods to the stores | | Once the goods are in the stores, the customer then chooses the good, purchases it, and takes it home. | | In exchange for the goods that the
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* The arrow from warehouse to HQ is the request for more products and receipt of what has been shipped to the store. * The arrow from HQ to supplier shows the request for more goods to be shipped to their warehouses. * The arrow from supplier to the HQ shows the invoice of goods.

b.) * This is where all the central information is kept * All the computerized systems and information of all the transactions incurred happen in this process. *
Assume that FastFit headquarters receives and pays invoices from suppliers. a) How do they decide whether to pay and how much to pay? b) From where do they get the information to make this decision?

a.) * the expenses that were incurred after the suppliers sent goods to the warehouses should be paid by HQ. * the amount should be rationalized between to the 2 to get the best and fair deal from the goods.

b.) * the cash registers that scan the product * the stores that send the information about what goods stay long on the shelves * the warehouses that request more shipments

* a) Where can customers enter their orders and b) what technologies do they need at that location to accomplish this activity?

a.) * online * toll-free number * catalogue * in-store

b.) * computer * phone * the catalogue * means of transportation to get to the store

* a) What does the order fulfillment center do? b) Why is it located at the


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