Child Sexual Exploitation

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With the development and subsequent global rise of free trade, globalization and internationalization many new benefits are afforded to society, many old and new social inequities have reared their ugly heads once again. This has allowed an alarming and disturbing rise of instances in the exploitation of minors. The most widespread and upsetting of these is child sexual exploitation (hereafter "CSE"). However with greater power comes even greater responsibility, not only for individuals but the masses at large to help change and understand the phenomenon of juvenile prostitution, trafficking in children for sexual purposes and child pornography. This has emerged as increasingly significant social issues within the global
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The following definition applies:

A child is a person who has not yet attained the following:

The age of 18; or except in cases of sexual abuse, the age specified by the child protection law of the State in which the child resides. Also there may be further restrictions within this definition, for example, in India


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