Tv Final

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Study Guide for Level One TV Senior Final 2012

1. Signal transmission speed of radio & TV waves
The speed of light
2. Difference between networks, ONO, and affiliates
Networks: make program bundles available exclusively to its affiliates
ONO: Owned and Operated. Type of affiliate that is owned by one of the Networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, etc.)
Affiliates: Local stations (WSVN, WFOR, etc.)
3. Differences between pre-, production, post-
Pre-: What happens before we go out to shoot
Production: Time of shooting
Post-: Editing
4. Application of pre-, production, post-
Pre-: Costuming, research, hiring actors, etc.
Production: Shooting video for the production
Post-: Editing (including music editing). ADR (automatic dialogue
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Intonation is to lay emphasis on a particular word or idea.
Tone of voice: a means by which the speaker implies his or her attitude to the message.
Haptics: the study of touching as nonverbal communication (holding hands, touching). They cause positive or negative feelings.
Facial expressions: dynamic features that communicate the speaker’s attitude, emotions, intention and so on. The face is the primary source of emotions.
Oculesics: the study of the role of eyes in nonverbal communication.
Chronemics: the study of the use of time in nonverbal communication.
Proxemics: set, measurable distances between people as they interact…also considered cultural.
24. Communications Model and application
See #17
**25. History, at minimum: a. Who created electronic TV & mechanical TV, radio: b. Gutenberg and the printing press: c. Telegraph: d. Telephone:

26. How to focus, set iris, & white balance
Focus: staying on autofocus means the camera focuses on the middle of the image, in this case, the wall. Go to manual focus, zoom in, focus, reset shot.
1. Set camera to automatic. 2. Walk up to the subject. 3. Determine the f-stop off of the subject by looking at the automatic setting on viewfinder. 4. Set the camera to manual. 5. Depending on the camera, go to the MENU or on the side of the lens,


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