Responding to Legal Issues in Mental Health

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U09a1 Responding to Ethical and Legal Issues
Erica Bryant Owens
Capella University

Case Scenario: An 18 year old female named Simone is a new mother who does not know who the father of her child is. She is a high school dropout and receives government assistance. She has received a grant by her social worker to attend counseling for awhile. She has no family to depend on due to her parents being alcoholics and suffering from mental illness. Simone was labeled in school as having learning disabilities and a low I.Q. She is anxious and admits to smoking and selling marijuana only when the child is asleep. She is resistant when offered other ways to relax and she says that her drug use is only temporary at 3 times per week so far.
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Also a psychological exam is given. If Simone qualifies she can receive parenting help, housing and job training. She can also get help earning her G.E.D. Simone can become a self advocate once it is proven that she is disabled. A self-advocate is a person with a disability who speaks for themselves on their wants, desires, and choices in life. There are organized chapters of self-advocates that you can join to have a stronger voice in making your wishes and desires known and for society to be responsive to your needs and opinions. The desired outcome would be to get her substance abuse help, have to take parenting classes to become a better parent, get her help with her disability so that she can feel productive in society by helping her obtain a G.E.D., help her gain supplemental income to assist with the care of the baby. She could also receive child care while she is going to counseling and education classes provided by Child Protective Services of Alabama. She could also apply for SSI or supplemental income for those who are disabled.
Step six: Consider possible actions.- As a counselor I have to contact child protective services. I also have to act on her behalf and offer all the help this state can give her as my client. She should also be referred to a psychiatrist for further evaluation to make sure she is competent to take care of her child. Classes for parenting are an option to help her cope.


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