Rubber Egg Lab

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1.Discuss the structure of the plasma membrane and explain the process of active and passive transport through the membrane.
2. Explain your observations in detail in terms of concentration gradient, diffusion, osmosis, osmotic pressure, passive transport, and active transport. Explain what happened to the blood cells at the various levels of concentration. Be sure to refer to the solutions as being hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic.

The plasma membranes are made up of proteins that form pores and channels, cholesterol to provide membrane stability and carbohydrate molecules for cell recognition. The most abundant component found in the plasma membrane is the phospholipid, which is bilayer. The plasma membrane is amphipathic
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Also when the egg was placed in the water and the egg had expanded was because of the much larger concentration of the water in the in the egg, this would be an example of the concentration gradient. The active transport is against the gradient examples is from the high concentrate to the low concentrate as it requires energy. I removed the egg and decided to try and see if it would bounce or break, I held the egg over my sink about 2 inches up and where it landed the egg split and broke.

In the Ph.I.L.S lab, I placed a red blood cell in hypotonic solution of Na CL, which is very dilute it caused the cell to swell. As an example in the lab I placed a red blood cell in the 50 NaCL solution and the transmittance value was one hundred. When a red blood cell is placed in hypertonic solution of NaCl, which is very concentrated, the cell shrinks because the water had left the cell. The lowest transmittance value was 10 and it was caused when adding 240 Na Cl to the red blood cell. When the red blood cell was placed in isotonic solutions of NaCl water neither leaves nor enter the cell, so it doesn't swell or shrink. Looking at the data the ranges of NaCl 0-50 the transmittance value stayed the same at one hundred. Also the NaCl ranges of 220-240 stayed the same as well which was 10, this states that it did not shrink nor swell in those


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