Mktg 2010 Marketing Research Anaylsis Report

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NBN Marketing Research analysis Report

NBN Marketing Research analysis Report

Contents Page Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Qualitative analysis 4 Identification of Themes 4 Appearance 4 Use of evidence for appearance 4 Verification 5 Depicting real life behaviour 5 Use of evidence for depicting real life behaviour 5 Verification 6 Data Display 6 Quantitative Analysis 7 Respondent Profile 7 MRO 1 7 Test of relationship 7 Conclusion 7 MRO 2 7 Test of difference 7 Conclusion 8 MRO 3 8 Test of relationship 8 Conclusion 8 MRO 4 8 Test of relationship 8 Conclusion 8 MRO 5 9 Test of difference 9
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The people involved in the focus group were debating that by having real life behaviour is an important aspect of producing a reality show. This will help to “keep viewers busy” which will make them try to predict on the future outcomes of the show. Without the participants showing this, will result in the show looking more staged or scripted that will lead to viewers feeling bored or have bad attitude towards the program. Another bad effect of it is that it can give the younger generations the wrong idea of what reality TV is all about.
Use of evidence for depicting real life behaviour
For this theme we could produce a summary with quotes for emphasis. The vast majority of people felt that by portraying staged behaviour typically represent the reality TV programs. Others however had other views where certain shows do give real life behaviour that can give a high rating in return. These findings indicate that there is a large gap in the reality shows portraying their differences in the real life behaviour. Some of the comments made relating to the negative side of having staged behaviour were: * “everybody’s simply playing roles” people with acting skills only * “stage of actors but they provide the entertainment/leisure for viewers with storyline and their acting skills” * “who would really put themselves through if it was not a setup” * “acting and nothing else” * “pretend to be someone” * “no different from other TV


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