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The other wes Moore one name, Two Fates “Wes Moore, author of The Other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates,” describes the difficult times in both boys lives. In many ways this novel is inspirational. Such as, how it shows the choices we make today, and how they affect us in the future. As, portrayed through both Wes Moore’s. What these boys went through at such young ages is truly heart wrenching. When comparing the lives of these two young men I find so many things that they have in common. Besides the obvious, the same name. Both boy’s were brought up in Baltimore, they were raised by single mothers, how both of there mothers worked, being members in crews, and having issues with the law. When you look at the individuals they will …show more content…

His only thought was he “to send a message.” Getting arrested became just another day to Wes. One of the factors that helped the author Wes, was the change in his surroundings. I strongly believe if he would have stayed in the Bronx, his life would have ended differently. The support from his mother is what helped him to be successful. She knew she had to get rid of the bad influences, and the negativities that surround him in the Bronx. She sent him to military school which was a financial burden. She was determine. She wanted more from him, and wanted him, to want more for himself. To be a respectful, honest man. That is exactly what happened, author Wes Moore found himself along the way. He has only went up from there. One of the factors that hurt the other Wes, his surrounding. Even though his mom kept moving Wes, always managed to keep up with some of his people. He would get arrested, drop out of school , and impregnated a girl. He never had any structure, his mom would just take a deep breathe and move on. Sure she told him, he needed to do good in school, as did his big brother. The next thing you know he would be out just doing whatever he decided. The best thing he ever did was go to the job corp.. Which showed he was capable of doing things right and being different. The other Wes seems to think other people or the people around you decided your fate. But he was in control of whom and what kind of


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