Good to Evil

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Good to Evil: The deterioration of an individual
By: Sarah Warner
Making bad decisions is a part of life. No one should ever choose to let bad choices rule their life because this can change an individual from good to evil. Various factors can influence an individual’s personality from good to evil. In the short story “Twins” by Eric Wright and “The Road out of Eden” by Randall Grace, the characters go from good to evil because of their actions and way of thinking. This is why people should think before they act, and the consequences of their actions.

In both stories, the characters come to the scene of the crime with a plan to kill. However, their plans are very different. The wife in “Twins” acts out the plot of the story that her
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Kind of ironic. She gets away with murder because no one see them when they enter the woods and she throws his gun into the French River on her way to Parry Sound. In the same sort, Steven also gets away with his murder. However, how he is getting away with murder is different than the wife. Steven is getting away with murder purely out of luck because the day after the shooting “…the police put up “NO HUNTING” signs and asked around about any suspicious hunters but, of course, no one had seen any” (Grace 13). The police do not even think twice about blaming the shooting on the hunters because they do not suspect that a boy in the sixth grade is capable of killing someone. Neither perpetrator suffers any serious consequences for their actions. This therefore makes them deteriorate even further because they receive no punishment. This is making them feel like they can get away with anything. It is making them feel invincible.

In both stories, the characters decide it is either kill or be killed. They are choosing to kill because they want to live even if it makes them evil. For the rest of their lives, they have to deal with the repercussions of killing someone. They have to deal with the dreams and nightmares of what they have done. The actions people choose dictates what kind of person they become. Whether or not an individual deteriorates depends on how they choose to handle a situation. Both characters start


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