Informative Speech on Micheal Jordan

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Name: Byron Lloyd
Topic: Michael Jordan
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about Michael Jordan and the rising of him playing basketball.
Central Idea: To inform my audience about the history of Michael Jordan in his years of playing basketball and rising to becoming the player he is today.
Attention Grabber: His Airness , Air Jordan, MJ what basketball player comes to mind when you hear this name? By the show of hands who All Knows who Michael Jordan is? Well if you didn’t I’m going to inform you on who he is and his rise to becoming one of the world’s best players.

Body: 1. Childhood a. Real Name Michael Jeffrey Jordan b. Born in Brooklyn, New York on February
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Decided to take up a new hobby (baseball) x. Even though he haven’t played since high school y. Signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox in 1994
Transition: Well I guess He wasn’t as good as he was in basketball because he only played for one year. In 1995 Michael Jordan sent two important words to media sources everywhere: "I'm Back". 6. The Comeback z. He Celebrated his comeback by doing what he do best winning {. Although the Bulls would lose in the playoffs to the Orlando Magic |. Everyone know Jordan was back }. lead the Bulls to three more consecutive NBA championships ~. etch his place in the history as the "NBA's greatest player of all-time".
Transition: Later on Michael Jordan would go on to re-announced his retirement in 1999 saying that "he was 99.9 percent sure that he would never play again". Soon after, Jordan became part owner of the Washington Wizards. Near the start of the 2001-02 season, there were hints that Jordan may try another comeback to the NBA. Which he did, On September 25, 2001, Jordan confirmed those rumors, announcing that he would once again return to the NBA as a member of the Wizards. His two seasons in Washington were mediocre at best. His statistics were solid and he showed some flashes of his old self but he could not lead the Wizards to the playoffs and missed several games due to injury. He retired for good following the 2002-03 season and was