btec level 3 business unit12 p1-p2

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To: Franek LTD Manager.
Title: Internet & modern marketing
Date: 04/10/2013
Introduction: In this task I will describe the role of internet marketing within its modern marketing operation. This task will be related to how adidas operate with the use of internet marketing and how they’ve coped with the changes of modern marketing in recent years. In addition I will also relate different aspects to different businesses .The following below would be accessed:

The main business of the organisation
How it uses the internet to market its products or services
What role does the internet play in the marketing of these products?

First of all, modern marketing is the current way of marketing which resolves
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Every online business has a procedure of delivering product to customers at an agreed time and date. The peoples in the extended Ps are related to the organisation’s staff. In relation to internet marketing staff are those who help the business to deliver the best services they aim to provide to customers. Staff are responsible for different tasks such as sending emails about new or exist product to customers.

The website is considered as physicalevidence but their logo is the most recognisable evidence of adidas as it is shown on their product, website and any activity which involves adidas.

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is when a business focus on the long term value of their customers by building good relations with them to gain their loyalty. Logically, it is easier and less expensive to keep customers than it is to gain customers. This is why businesses tend to deliver the best services to customers but recent high competition level has seen most businesses deliver good services, therefore businesses such as Adidas & Nike usually reduce the price of their product by giving out discount and voucher to their existing & potential customers. Businesses tend to give discounts and sales to customer that shop online compared to those who shop in store. The main purpose of giving out discounts and sales is to attract more