Trader Joe's

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Naomi Piché
Professor John Burtt
BUS 114 Management
May 21, 2013
Case Study 1 : Trader Joe’s 1. In what ways does Trader Joe’s demonstrate the importance of each responsibility in the management process-planning, organizing, leading, and controlling?
-Trader Joe’s demonstrates planning by intending to carry unique products at a low cost within a fun, relaxing environment. Their organizing skills were apparent due to their approach to find unusual foods from around the world, contract directly with manufacturers, label their products with catchy phrases and by maintaining a small stock of each product. Their leadership was exemplified by hiring employees with job skills such as being “ambitious and adventurous” and providing a
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Her staff should have a clear understanding of their job duties and goals for further success. Hazel should engage in conversation on a professional level to hear their concerns, comments and simply the goings-on within their department, maintaining Intellectual Capital. I feel she should avoid being too personal with her employees in regards to conversation and becoming overly involved with them outside of the workplace. She needs to maintain her status as their leader; their boss and they need to know that while the workplace is meant to be fun and enthusiastic, she is to be taken seriously. Hazel should control the department and its employees to be sure that everybody works well together for the common goal of continuing success. Sometimes some employees may feel intimidated by having a young boss being 22 years old “telling them what to do”, but Hazel can overcome that by being a consistent leader that listens to her employers and employees and responds with clear direction and expectations.
Further Research: Trader Joe’s approach toward their business by keeping their stores smaller and carrying smaller amounts of unique products seem to be a major part of their success continuously through time. This is a major aspect of their method of management that has proven to have been a “good” choice. Their competitors


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