Bus 520

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Trader Joe’s started out as a small convenient store in 1958. The owner, Trader Joe, decided to change the brand and make the store larger. The case study discusses how to address issues when emotions, job satisfaction, and attitudes of others are involved in decision making. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how Trader Joe’s is able to keep employee job satisfaction and customer satisfaction at a high rate. Throughout this paper, I will discuss the different tools the company uses to promote customer and job satisfaction.

Examine the approach Trader Joes uses to promote a positive work environment for its employees. Determine in which three ways Trader Joes is able to increase job
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Leaders should get to know the desires and values of others. By learning the values of others they are able to utilize ones skills and strengths within the organization. Motivating others also includes creating a culture of learning for employees. Leaders should always continue to build upon the skills of their employees. Inspiring others to contribute to the vision of the organization is also motivation. I work in a very corporate organization and my manager does a great job and letting me know my opinion matters. Feeling valuable boost employees confidence and encourages them to work harder.
Recommend at least three (3) leadership practices that Trader Joe’s could implement in order to increase the competitive edge of the organization. Provide a rationale for your response. Trader Joes is missing one very important technique for the business. Social media is a very popular marketing tool and the company is not utilizing it. There should definitely be a marketing team in the company, starting with a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). There is a Facebook page for the company but it is not being used properly. The page should display the different products, sale items, and also new products. They should also be utilizing Twitter and Instagram. Instagram is a great way to promote their different products by posting different pictures. Twitter is a great marketing tool as a well. Twitter


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