Top-Slice Drivers

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Top-Slice Drivers

Two years ago the Top-Slice Company moved from just making golf balls to also producing oversized drivers. Top-Slice makes three different models: the Bomber, the Hook King, and the Sir Slice-A-Lot. As the names suggest, the last two clubs help correct for golfers who either hook or slice the ball when driving. While, Top-Slice is pleased with the growing sales for all three models (see the following tables), the numbers present Jacob Lee, the production manager, with a dilemma. Jacob knows that the current manufacturing work cell is capable of producing only 2700 drivers per month, and total sales seem to be rapidly approaching that number. Jacob’s staff has told him it will take at least three months to plan for
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For $600 she can lease a warming oven for the six-game home season. The oven has 16 shelves, and each shelf is 3 feet (36 inches) by 4 feet (48 inches). She plans to fill the oven with the three food items before the game and then again before half time. Julia has negotiated with a local pizza delivery company to deliver 14-inch cheese pizzas twice each game – 2 hours before the game and right after the opening kickoff. Each pizza will cost her $6 and will include 8 slices. She estimates it will cost her $0.45 for each hot dog and $0.9 for each barbecue sandwich if she makes the barbecue herself the night before. She measured a hot dog and found it takes up about 16 square inches of space, whereas a barbecue sandwich takes up about 25 square inches. She plans to sell a slice of pizza and a hot dog for $1.5 a piece and a barbecue sandwich for $2.25. She has $1,500 in cash available to purchase and prepare the food items for the first home game; for the remaining five games she will purchase her ingredients with money she has made from the previous game. Julia has talked to some students and vendors who have sold food at previous football games at Tech as well as at other universities. From this she has discovered that she can expect to sell at least as many slices of pizza as hot dogs and barbecue sandwiches combined. She also anticipates that she will probably sell at least twice as many hot dogs as barbecue sandwiches. She believes that she will sell


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