Marketing Strategy of India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd.

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The objective of this project is to identify and analyze the marketing strategies of automobile industry in two wheeler segment. Through this study I am able to find out the present status of the automobile industry (2-wheeler) in India. In this project I also review other research done for the 2-wheeler bikes. Through this project I study the distribution and marketing strategy adopt by YAMAHA Company. This project help me know about the most influencing media to create awareness regarding 2-wheelers. “The marketer’s watchwords are quality, service, and value.” ….. Philip Kotler

The study
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It did nothing other than remind people of their humility. All these ads hit hard and while some sparked off near revolutions. These days you could choose from over 100 two-wheelers. But if I asked you to name five spectacular ads that stopped your heart beating, the certainly won’t be on the tip of your tongue.

Sensation as a selling tool isn’t understood in India. Manufacturers are like Carpenters using a hacksaw when there’s a nuclear powered miter saw rusting away in their toolkit. Royal Enfield offers at some dealerships the opportunity to take full day test rides without the encumbrance of pillion showroom staff. The test ride is the affirmation they’re looking for. Advertising and brochures can offer information. Affirmation comes with personal experience. And that isn’t on offer as a sales tool right now. Showroom test rides are always with pillion. And on motorcycles, pillion alter feel and handling by an order of magnitude.

Customers are buying bikes upwards of Rs 1 lakh without proper test rides and there’re still more expensive bikes that you aren’t even allowed to sit on. The fact that these bikes still sell is a sign of desperation.

The logic we’re given for not offering greater freedom in test rides is that the bikes are simply too expensive to risk, that’s Business. The test ride is a near-guarantee of a sale. A for greater assurance than all the money spent on


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