The Kroger Company

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The Kroger Company

The Kroger Company grew in 128 years from one store to over 3,500 stores of various banners and products. The Kroger Company is the largest food and drug retailer in the United States and is growing constantly with diversity in the retail market, dealing in food, pharmacies, apparel, jewelry and fuel. Kroger is governed by a 14 member Board of Directors including a Chief Executive Officer. Kroger is a leader in Corporate Social responsibility by maintaining environmental consciousness, social awareness and energy conservation awareness. Kroger is committed to customers, builds diversity and focuses on growth. The company operates a large part of it’s own manufacturing and distribution to increase profit
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Socially, Kroger has improved food safety, increased vendor standards and diversity, and improved business ethics. Kroger continues to advertise and encourage family meals and markets products to make family dining a more attractive option to the customer. They are also involved in animal welfare initiatives as well as customer and vendor diversity.
Current Situation
Corporate Structure Kroger is led by a Chief Executive Officer and a Board of Directors. The current CEO is David B. Dillon and he is elected by the Directors. “The purpose of the Board of Directors is to serve the company’s shareholders and other constituencies by its direction of corporate policy; its election of the chief executive and other officer; and its continuing oversight of management.” The board is presided over by a lead director and the size of the board is no less than nine, but no more than twenty-one directors (Kroger, Proxy Statement 2009). The board is currently comprised of 14 members.
Currently, 12 of the Directors are independent with only two management directors and the CEO. Under the Board of Directors are 18 Division Managers who are responsible for the management and performance of their divisions and 18 Executive Officers. The Board of Directors is also broken down into five committees; audit, compensation,


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