Thought Focused Treatments

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Thought-Focused Treatments

Different approaches to therapy exist. Understanding the different approaches can help clinicians offer better interventions based on the nature of the problem and the desired outcome. Two main approached to therapy exist: psychoanalytical and thought-focused treatments. Thought-focused treatment approaches developed as psychologists began to challenge the practices of psychoanalytical treatments. Differences in beliefs in the interaction of cognition, emotions, and behavior of humans, therapy process, and therapeutic interventions exist between psychoanalytical and thought-process treatments.
The main goal of psychoanalytical treatment is to achieve the best equilibrium possible for the functioning of the
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Beck identified cognitive distortions that often initiate depression on individuals. Two cognitive distortions often seen are jumping into conclusions and overgeneralizations.
Mike and Susan have been married for three years. Mike is a doctor and has his own private practice and Susan is an elementary school teacher. Susan believes Mike is having an affair because during the last four nights he has been late for dinner without an announcement or apologies. When he is home, his mind seems to be somewhere else and communication between the two has deteriorated. Mike, however, is preoccupied with the health of a patience and has stayed late at work doing research in order to learn more about the condition of his patience and possible treatment. Susan has jumped into conclusions.
Rachel is a wonderful wife and mother of two children aged five and seven. When she was in eighth grade, her mother passed away leaving her and three younger sisters under the care of her father who never married again. Since Rachel was the oldest, she assumed the responsibility of the homemaker in the family. It became very difficult for her to focus on her studies and tend to the responsibilities of the house. By the time Rachel was in the tenth grade, she decided to drop out of school. Rachel is now 30 years of age. Her husband realizes Rachel has the mental capacity to go to college and obtain an education. However, Rachel


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