Analysis: Realism or idealism Corporate social responsibility and the employee stakeholder in the global fast-food industry

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The article by Royle T., ‘Realism or idealism Corporate social responsibility and the employee stakeholder in the global fast-food industry’, published in 2005, is mainly focused on CSR (Corporate social responsibility). CSR has some earnest and ominous influences in nowadays businesses and corporations. The author is first persisting on the rights of employees and employers. Though almost all of the global companies in the world do not intend to care about CSR, the author’s perspective insists that CSR’s activities are crucial for the future existence of the companies. The article insinuates that some globally known companies are acting properly in a socially responsible behavior. Further, the author’s main purpose of writing this …show more content…

Low remuneration, bad working conditions and so on are just examples given in the research. It is neither discussable nor reasonable to claim McDonalds. One should think this way: Which other company is providing so many jobs for literally such inexperienced and uneducated people? It is a matter of fact that working at McDonalds does not oblige someone for special work related and highly professional requirements. It is forlorn just to focus on the employees who work with low wages at the restaurants. As I just stated above, it is obvious, that McDonalds offers in such an ordinary manner job opportunities for the community. If someone intends to be treated unfairly, then they may also try to get an occupation for example in a much more palatial restaurant. It is doubtful that the percentage they might get employed is not high as it is at McDonalds. Furthermore, the majority of their used ingredients for example in the UK are provided by more than 17,500 British and Irish farmers.6Hence, one should rather focus on what McDonalds is also performing outside of the restaurants. Besides offering many farmers a long-term maintaining opportunity, McDonalds is with PepsiCo one of the most environmentally concerned company. Indeed, upon questioning Holger H., from the department “Director Development & Real Estate” (McDonald’s Austria) we can fully state that at McDonald's Austria, 95% of the restaurants waste is