Case Study: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Running Head: ADHD

Case Study: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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Major Symptoms Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has 3 types of symptoms: problems with attention, hyperactive behavior, and excessive impulsivity (Kohn). ADHD is heritable (Kohn). The child is better able to cope with rapidly changing stimuli, but will have more difficulty focusing on things that are less interesting (Kohn). The brain is less able to focus on uninteresting tasks (Kohn). Some child-rearing parenting may be contributing to the development of ADHD (Kohn). Children with ADHD are more likely to come from single parent families, families with inexperienced parents, and families who spend less time
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The behavior therapy is not specifically for the child, however. The goal of the behavior therapy is to provide the parents with basic parenting skills in which they ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Doing so will create an environment where the child, not the ADHD, can thrive and grow. Eventually, the child will overcome the challenges of ADHD
Therapeutic Modality

Over the last 25 years, a primary concern of many researchers and clinicians has been to identify and provide early help for children who are at special risk (Athey, O’Malley, et al., 1997). In essence, parents can be used as change agents by training them in techniques that enable them to help their child (Butcher, 2007). Not blaming his mother for the cause of David’s ADHD diagnosis, but parents are a part of the reinforcement of conditioned behaviors. Encouraging results have been obtained with parents who care about their children and want to help (Forehand, 1993; Webster-Stratton, 1991).

Also, self-help and self-healing are possible treatments can be employed in this case. Experts place a great amount of significance on the need to have “structured home and school environment” in order to inculcate various coping skills, suitable study habits and sense of discipline and responsibility into children. Although David seems to be managing his


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