The role of a public administrator in the United States

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The role of a public administrator in the United States today is as varied as it is essential. Government spending will approach nearly four trillion dollars in two thousand eleven, which means that qualified public servants must be in place to oversee the efficient implementation of government policies. (Andrews, 2011) “Public administrator” is a term which encompasses a wide range of possible job titles; public administrator’s range from parole officers to policy analysts, and each works day to day to help promote the welfare of society through government spending. These civil servants do not have an easy job; in almost any public administration job there are a plethora of ethical quandaries which will have to be confronted, analyzed, …show more content…

The recent trend of privatizing government functions is debated loudly between those who yearn for a limited government and pure market economy, and those who like to see a government with the power to regulate essential services. The fighting can get rather vicious; in response to layoffs, New York snowplow drivers were instructed by their union to do a less than exemplary job of plowing the roads during a recent snowstorm. (Goldenberg, 2011) This unbelievably selfish act resulted in the deaths of several individuals when ambulances were not able to reach the afflicted due to road conditions. As a result, there were loud cries from both citizens and politicians to privatize the snow cleanup industry and break the union’s power. While the New York blizzard situation certainly was tragic, it is by no means uncommon. States around America have begun to privatize certain government functions from sewage to garbage cleanup. New Jersey replaced the Department of Motor vehicles with a private company, and drivers in New Jersey instantly saw a more efficient organization. In this way, the public is often affected in a positive way by privatizing government functions. While there are thousands of hardworking and honorable public administrators, the fact remains that there is a great deal of inefficiency within the government, which results in unmotivated workers simply waiting for their next government subsidized paycheck. In reality, exposing


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