The Destructors and the Young Goodman Brown Comparison

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Outline a. Introduction I. Two stories for comparison are introduced. II. ‘The Destructors’ and ‘The Young Goodman Brown’ are discussed in and compared. b. The theme of conflict is chosen as the central topic to be discussed. I. Loss of innocence ingrained by corruption is demonstrated. II. Decision making is tested. c. Purpose of both stories I. Appreciation of dramatic symbols II. Influence of terror d. Unique techniques, styles and devices I. Paradox is demonstrated II. Ambiguity is discussed

Introduction Graham Greene’s short story of ‘Destructors’ printed in the year
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Relation of the purpose of the stories The goal of these stories was to appreciate the dramatic symbols of guilt and fear in the distorted creatures. Unlike the modern stories manifest laughter from the audience showing shivers and shrieks. They focus on the horrible quality of life besides the daily events. Surprise ending portrays the influence of terror. In Young Goodman story, the influence of horror and deprived appealing with mocking humor is seen in overall mood. Unique styles, techniques or devices communicated in the themes Paradox has been demonstrated in both stories. These styles are showed throughout the stories. Greene portrays mystery in T’s behavior towards Mr. Thomas. He plots to destroy Mr. Thomas’ house, act disrespectfully towards him and to look at him with suspicions. However, T. still loves him at the same time. 'T’s intentions are not meant to destroy Mr. Thomas’ life but his need to do away with last ancestral beauty in the war-torn landscape. The consequences are seen as personal to Mr. Thomas. Ambiguity is also present in ‘Young Goodman Brown’ short story that is also demonstrated as paradoxical. One-way paradox is explained is when the relationship between light and dark is indicated. Both daylight and darkness of the town and is seen to be important. Allusion also is demonstrated throughout Young Goodman Brown story in some ways. This style involves sorrow by Nathaniel after leaving his wife. This indicates