We Want More Guitars: a Critical Analysis of a Global Problem

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Every company has their own theory and goals behind what they overall want to see or become. This paper is written with intent to help better understand a real life situation that took place at Guitarras Dominquez. When a company first opens their doors for business, they use high end material to show the essence of quality in their product which will allow for growth in their customer base. Do you ever wonder how a company gets far in doing so? Intention from the start of a business does not include cutting corners and saving money, but eventually with budget cuts and business plans they tend to become necessary. When we take a look at the case study about Guitarras Dominquez, we take a close look at what can possibly happen to a …show more content…

Fletcher Guitar could have produced the same product or close in half of that time. The idea of a merger is to allow two businesses to become one company and allowing for the change of how the business will be managed. These changes can include using different product or material, cutting workers, changing cost of the product to create guitars. Senor Salvador was content with the company and satisfied with the minimal increase in sales Full understanding that the increase in sales was not significant they needed to increase the company’s product or things were not going to be sought well in its entirety. In order to accommodate change from a financial standpoint, the company was not able to profit in the way they needed and to make matters worse the production rate grew even slower than before.
The managers based in the US, including Adan Wainwright knew that laying-off workers and replacing with modern technology would be cost effective and bring in a better profit for the company but they neglected to share insight with Senor Salvador of Guitarras Dominquez. Being a manager sometimes means stepping out of the box and thinking differently than others, Adam Wainwright did just that and saw problems differently. Successful businesses circulate many different thoughts and ideas in order to keep succeeding, which allows for all


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