The Qing Dynasty

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Part A , Number 2
The Qing Dynasty, like all the Chinese Dynasties, began with an expectation of success. The Zhou Dynasty found such success within the “100 schools of thought”, while the Qin found success within trade and exploration which in the end, unified China (Russ). However, the Qing Dynasty found a different way to make their mark with the development of the Chinese Dictionary, forming Banner systems and population increase. Nevertheless, while all of the Dynasties strived for success, they ended with the ultimate failure; by not obtaining the mandate of Heaven. Throughout the history of the region many Dynasties attempted to push China in a positive, powerful position, yet none
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As this corruption developed, population issues led to hunger and foreign influence led to the loss of unity within the area, and while she may have overcome the French, the actions of the dynasty enraged the people and humiliated the Dynasty. The Qing dynasty fell to rebellion as the government lost the mandate of heaven and the support of the Chinese people. However, the actions of the Qing dynasty still affect China today.
Today, China dominates global trade and is pushing to regain the economic standing they once had. Yet, this growth is not an economic move that has never been felt before. China led the trade with their silk during the Qing Dynasty, yet now they have global influence with wide spread manufacturing in automotive, electronics and outsourced global brands. The Qing Dynasty physically may have fallen, but the Chineese has used the actions as an example and platform to develop and progress into a global competitor.

Part B Number 1

Moa Zedong is a profit like monster that strategically used his minuet success to manipulate the Chinese people and eventually destroy a generation. Mao implemented fearful labels within stereotypical hierarchies to inhibit the Chinese intelligence and manipulate the citizens to follow his rule in hopes of future successful growth, development. Mao Zedong used a hierarchy and labels


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