Military Customs and Courtesy

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Today's Army in an extremely nostalgic organization with a copious amount traditions and has about a million different methods of conducting its business. Some are old and some are new, but possibly the oldest one that has been around since before the Army was officially established and still lives today is the Army’s rules, regulations and policies on customs and courtesies. In this form of a remedial block of instruction given to me, due to what I believe to be false targeting, I am to explain the Army’s customs and courtesies and their importance.
Customs and Courtesies are among the main fundamentals of military life, the other being the Seven Army Values, upon which Soldiers are expected to live and rely upon both on and off duty.
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The line between incompetence and immorality is a thinner line in the military profession than in any other calling.
Poor or questionable conduct is not an attribute of an Army Soldier and will not be tolerated in the miltary. The behavior of every Soldier is a reflection on the United States Army and is expected to be above reproach at all times. There are several policies with regard to conduct which an Army Soldier needs to pay particularly close attention to.
Becoming intoxicated while in uniform will not be tolerated. When out of uniform, cadets are expected to control their behavior with regard to alcohol. Public display of affection while in uniform, except in the context of a military social event like the Military Ball, is not allowed. This includes kissing, holding hands, and all other forms of physical affection.
The use of inappropriate language in or out of uniform is not professional and should be kept to a minimum. Derogatory language is a reflection on the professional qualities and control and individual is likely to exhibit in a given pressure situation. Taking part in public demonstrations in uniform even for a "good" cause is inappropriate and must be avoided.
Discipline is used in the civilian world as of course the military world. As a basic everyone is expected to address everyone by their proper tittles. In the Army, saluting is to show respect toward an officer, flag, or our


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