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How far can the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 be considered the key turning point in the development of China in the years 1900-2000?

During the years 1900-2000 there were many turning points in China's history. We saw such things as The fall of the Qing Dynasty and imperialism February 1912, The warlord era 1915, The rise of the nationalists 1928, The formation of the PRC in 1949, The Korean and Vietnam wars 1950 and 1964, Nixon's visit in 1972 and Deng Xiaoping's Third Plenum. The key Turing point in China's history would have to be the rise of Deng Xiaoping in 1976. The reason behind this is by looking at social political, economic and international development Deng achieved greater positive development
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50-55 for women and 55-60 for men. There was other notable developments as Jack gray points out in his book rebellions and revolutions by 1970 50% of doctors were women and 30% were engineers. Also we saw the life expectancy in 1958 rise from the age of 45-58. A notable theme during the formation of the PRC was the increased support of women in society. The biggest development on this topic was the marriage reforms brought in 1950. This saw the abolishment of concubinage, the banning of forced marriage plus any man/women forced to marry could now divorce and all marriages had to be officially recorded and registered. There was also some notable economic development within china such as in 1952 the shutting down of all private banks and the formation a state run bank. This was brought in to control inflation which was currently running at 1000%. By the end of 1952 this was down to 15% and continued to fall to a low of 0.2%. The formation of a state bank also made it easier for small business to gain loans. There was also economic growth of 9%. The economic growth was all down to the five year plan 1952-56. Soviet advisers were at hand to help China's industrial sector grow. However this is limited in that yes such areas as Coal grow from 113 million tunes to 115 and electric power by 15.9 billion kilowatts to 19.34. Yet other sectors failed such as oil falling from 2,012 tunes to 1,458. I would argue with this point that there


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