Bsg-Online Game Summary

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BSG Online Game

Branded Sales Forecast Screen: – The most important screen of all the decision screens. * Initially do not make drastic changes to competitors’ numbers as it is too early in this round to get a clear picture. * Forecasts are generated and are only as accurate how you estimate the Industry average marketing effort. * Inventory clearance = liquidate the inventory at the beginning of the next year.
Plant Capacity Screen: * 2 million pairs in NA region and 4 million pair production in APAC * 6 million total in RT and 1.2 million in OT production * Build Capacity button – to create a new production facility in any particular region * Self construction of additional capacity will take 1 year to
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* Operating Profit margin is also shown here.
Wholesale Marketing Screen: * Wholesale price will be well below the retail price set in the Internet Marketing screen. * Retail Outlets Available (willing to carry your brand ) cannot be changed for the current year. The S/Q rating and the market share you achieved will affect the outlets willing to carry your product in the following year. * The quicker the delivery time to retailers the higher the demand will be for your footwear but this also leads to increased inventory levels one has to carry on hand. * Internet sales occur first (or the internet demand has to be met first) before the wholesale demand is met. * Stockouts in regional warehouses are visible here. There are 2 ways to address stockouts: * Increase the wholesale price, thereby reducing the demand for athletic footwear and thereby making inventory positive. * Reduce other marketing variables such as Advertising, Rebates or Retailer support and thereby reduce the demand for your footwear to avoid stockouts.
Bids for Celebrities Screen: * Only 3 of a total of 12 celebrities are available for endorsements in year ’11. * Appeal Indexes varies across regions for a given celebrity. Sum of these indexes is what drives the Celebrity Appeal value in Internet and Wholesale Marketing screens. * Spending Cap – Helps avoid being the highest bidder for all the celebrities. * Priority