Apollo 13 Case Study

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Apollo 13 Case Study Apollo 13 has experience a major malfunction which changes the mission from landing on the moon to a spacecraft that is now is in a desperate struggle to return to earth with the crew alive. The team work needed to achieve this is substantial and many of the staff at mission control center will in some degree be a leader. Aside from Gene Kranz, one of the first people to emerge as a leader and take control of the situation is Sy Liebergot. His review of the data coming in from the crippled space craft leads him to start conceptualizing a plan to save the crew. He displays many leadership traits in the span of the first few minutes as he is under pressure form Mr. Kranz who needs information …show more content…

Marilyn Lovell displays traits of self-confidence, personal integrity and emotional maturity at several different times throughout the whole situation. She understands the importance of the mission for her husband but also reminds him their job of raising the children. She is confident that the mission will go well and states it very distinctly on two occasions, once when she coaches Swagerts wife in what to say to the media shortly after the lift off and when the media wants to put equipment on their lawn, telling them that they will have to speak to her husband when he gets home. Her personal integrity is is displayed when she demands to know what is going on with the mission after she sees news report on the TV. She is on the phone and is telling the other person on the line that she wants answers and is not hanging up until she has information. This along with her self confidence gets her the answers she is seeking. She does not allow herself to be pushed off and also reflects on her emotional maturity as she holds herself together under the stress of the situation. As for her skills approach in this situation she is using a lot of interpersonal skills as she is managing several situations at one time. She is in charge of the kids while her husband is away and needs to keep them balance with school and after school functions as well as dealing with the crises her husband is going through. She also uses conceptual skills in the fact


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