Organization Structure and Culture

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Organizational Structures and Culture

By Duncan Roy Wood Submitted to Dr David Chu

Title page
1. Organisational Structure and Culture
1. Compare and Contrast Organisational Structure
2. Relationship between an Organisation’s Structure and Culture and Effects on Business Performance
3. Factors that Influence Individual Behaviour at Work
2. Approaches to Management and Leadership
1. How Organisational Theory Underpins Principles and Practices of Organising and of Management
2. Different Approaches to Management and Theories of Organisations
3. Differeent Leadership Styles and Leadership
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While bureaucracy has a negative connotation, it can be a good thing in small doses, especially in tackling issues that will become recurring themes in larger businesses.
Hewlett Packard was founded in 1930 by Stanford univeresity electrical engineering graduates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Their first product, a sound equipment tester was a smashing success. Disney ordered eight for its new movie fantasia. The two men worked together closely, using management practices considered radical at the time. They compiled the company’s first written set of corporate objectives, an unusual practice in 1957. Today these are known as the Hp way , the seven objectives include the needs to make a sufficient but fair profit, to manufacture high quality products, to explore new related technologies, to seek corporate growth, to provide safety job security participation and recognition for employees to foster creativity and to be socially responsible as the company prospered . HP employees continued to be guided by the Hp way. Today however, the company with the strong ingrained culture is merging with pc manufacturer Compaq and observers fear a culture clash. The merger makes strategic sense because the firm are moving toward a common goal but does it make cultural sense. By following a close relationship between organisational structure and culture they have become a famous business. If they follow only one of these , they won’t be a


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