Dawn Riley

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CEO of America True, Dawn Riley, faces several issues of various criticalities that require careful decision making. The preeminent decision that Dawn Riley faces is whether or not to spend limited funds and resources on upgrading Tag, their training boat. Concurrent with that decision, Dawn is facing several other issues and challenges that need to be addressed. In order to address each of the challenges, a standard issues matrix used below highlights the severity of an issue and the likelihood of it requiring immediate or drastic action.

Red: Critical and require immediate management action or decisions
Yellow: Lesser critical nature, requiring monitoring of controls to ensure that controls stay in place and does not lead to
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The flaws inherent in it are obvious: time consuming, people can be hurt if their choice is not selected, etc.
Tag Upgrade: This issue shows up also in the Leadership side of our issues ledger. Dawn is approaching this upgrade as though it is a singular event, however in reality it is a process that has been unfolding over time. “An "event" leader would mull in solitude, ask for advice, read reports, mull some more, then say yea or nay and send the organization off to make it happen.” In reality this decision is a process that has been unfolding over the 18 months that Dawn has been leading the team, and would have implications towards group dynamics, and affect the personal and professional relationships within the group.
Riley’s leadership role in the pit: As the only Syndicate head who sailed with the crew, there is a certain amount of tension regarding her role on the boat. Even though Dawn recognized that her subordinate Cutler might have a certain amount of discomfort with Dawn in that position since she might step in to take over at any given time she chose to disregard that. Dawn’s role in the pit was to function as the “integrator” and was at a central position within the boat to react and direct as required. This suggests that Dawn likes to have