Assessment BSBHRM501B

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Assessment Task 1 BSBHRM501B

Human Resources needs and recommendations:

After consulting the service and sales managers and review the political, economic, social and technological business environment, these are the HR needs and recommendations:

It is necessary to hire people with high technical knowledge and experience in order to offer a high-level customer service that satisfy the customers needs and expectative.


Retraining rental people in order to be in accordance with the organisation’s values.

The risk associated with hiring people with high technical knowledge and experience lies in the fact that it is very expensive, it would out the budget ($ 200.000 additionally). In addition and given that the organisation will
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- Create an organizational structure that balances strategic and tactical efforts that promote efficiencies.
- Reduce unnecessary costs. Through the use of creative organization design, economies of scale can be reached, resulting in lower operational costs. Design an environment that eliminates redundant processes and encourages solutions that maximize the goals and objectives of the Enterprise.

Service Performance:


The mission of HR Strategy is to provide our customers with quality, timely and efficient services. We will achieve this mission by utilizing technology, cultivating the skills of our staff and building strong relationships with our customers. We will operate our center understanding that we live in a competitive environment and our goal is to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) records the commitment made by the HR Strategy for the provision of services of:
Professional advice and support on HR issues.
Payroll management.
Management of Recruitment and Selection process.
Training and Development.
Legal Advice.
Health and Safety.
Competency and Performance Development (CPD) Process.
Employee Relations.
Personnel Management..
Sickness and Labour Turnover Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).
Occupational Health and Staff Welfare.

Hours of operations:
Daily hours of operation are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday, with the exception of public