New MBA Program development Proposal

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PolyU has different MBA and EMBA programs in Hong Kong and China.
Create a new MBA program of English version setting up in Shenzhen, China.
Prepare a program development proposal to the Senior Management of PolyU strategic management approach to evaluate the MBA market in Shenzhen create the values to the stakeholders for this program.
A hard copy of this proposal in around 10 pages

2. Key stakeholder and its expectations to this program

2.1 Young professionals
In Shenzhen, it is more and more young professionals from Financial, Engineering, different backgrounds. As ambitious individuals with a clear career focus, they would equip themselves to improve their
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It also help jointed international companies easier to recruit the high professionals to their managerial organization, strength their companies for future growth.
More and more importance of the business ethics in China market, Poly MBA has built up good reputations for long time in Hong Kong. To fit the market needs, it is one of the strengths if we can extend the brand name of Poly MBA Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Companies would trust on the good images of Poly MBA, so that they can recruit the right candidates for overcome the challenges on the ethical business.
3. Recommendations
3.1 Proposal of Program
Carefully designed by faculty teaching on each MBA program, extend the Poly Library services so that the students can access different valuable resources, i.e. readings, journal articles, book and case studies.
Each Poly Shenzhen MBA students can receive the comprehensive package of learning materials in each course.
1. Alumni Day
2. Hold the Fair, i.e. QS Fair in New York
3. Offer free and individuals consultations

1. Scheduled and provided each personal consultation
2. Register for Preview Day
3. Filled the application

As it is quite common of working over nights or work on Saturday, especially the Financial and Manufacturing industry, so we propose the Poly Shenzhen MBA can offer an innovative learning environment with physical classes in a convenience central location or online


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