The Importance of Event Planning

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Why have planned event become more important globally? Do you agree or disagree that they have become mainly generators for those who plan and execute them. Use examples to illustrate your argument.
The planned events all over the world are exciting and diverse and have almost unlimited scope of variety in basis of form, function and event experiences. The meanings attached to those events and the importance they have always held in our personal and social lives makes them fundamental components of business, culture and lifestyle.

Planned events are spatial-temporal phenomenon. Each event is unique because of the interactions taking place between the setting, people and management systems have differences. Events are such a
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MALFAS PhD, E. THEODORAKI PhD and B. HOULIHAN PhD, 2004). Through attracting more investment and visitors, mega sport events can create more jobs and contribute to the economic growth of the city of region (STATE OF UTAH, 2002 & AVISON YOUNG,2003). With regard to the issue of job creation, it is undoubtedly that mega sporting event has the ability to provide large numbers of jobs, not only those directly associated with the organization9 of the event itself, but also those in the tourism and retail industry resulted from increasing quantities of tourists/spectators. In addition, in the construction industry, especially the period when staging of the event, major infrastructural development is required, such as the case of the Olympic Games. Atlanta, the host city of the 1996 Olympic Games is a good example. Between the 1990 Olympic announcement and spring of 1996, the Olympic-related projects were made with an investment of $ 2 billion. As a result, more than 580,000 new jobs were created in the region between 1991 and 1997. “Research commissioned by the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau estimated that the cumulative economic impact of the Olympic Games between 1991 and 1997 was $5.1 billion (STEVENS T. and BEVAN T, 1999). Barcelona, the host city of the 1992 Olympic Games, had a similar experience, when, from October 1986 to July 1992, the general rate of unemployment fell from 18.4% to 9.6% (BRUNET F, 1995)

In fact,


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