Forever New Case Study

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Fashion Marketing and Retailing
Assignment /Project Title: Study an existing apparel brand in the market, its format, product profile, positioning, assortment strategy, store layout, marketing strategy vis a vis closest competitors.

Brand Chosen: Forever New.

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Indian Retail Sector Pune Retail Scenario Forever New Introduction Forever New in India STP Marketing Mix Forever New Pune Brand Portfolio Competitive Analysis SWOT Analysis Data Analysis and Interpretation Recommendations and Conclusion Growth Opportunities References and Bibliography

Indian Retail Sector
India is one of the most desirable retail destinations in the world. India’s twin growth engines of economic growth and demographic
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India’s retail sector is an evolving market. The sector will grow and develop over the next four to six decades, since consumers will earn more, those below the poverty line will cross over, the gains from economic growth will be felt more inclusively, etc.

Pune Retail Scenario
The retail sector in Pune was earlier confined to a few markets which were unorganised, chaotic and crowded. In the last two years, however, the rise in modern retail outlets can be seen across the city. Koregaon Park Plaza, Inorbit, Phoenix Market City, Pulse, Kumar Pacific Mall and Amanora Town Center are the new ones that have joined the already existing malls like S.G.S Mall, Mariplex and Central to name a few.

Source: CBRE India Retail Market View 2011

Source: CBRE India Retail Market View

Source: CBRE India Retail Market View

Pune has come a long way in recent times. The IT market, automobile boom, student community, thriving service sector, robust real estate market and increase in the number of professionals have led to an expansion of the city. This rapid urbanisation, and the new demands of Pune's global citizens, has led to a rise in the number of malls, offering high-end brands.

Forever New is a fashion clothing and accessories brand founded in Melbourne, Australia. It was started by Dipendra Goenka and Amanda Goenka, an Indian-South African couple in 2006. The brand


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