Transport Proteins on Strike

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Case Study: Newsflash! Transport Proteins on Strike!

1. What is the meaning behind the PHOSPHOLIPIDS’ chant?

Phospholipids make up most of the cell membrane, in a phospholipid bilayer. Phospholipid molecules form two layers, with the hydrophilic (water loving) head facing the extracellular fluid and the cytosol (intracellular) fluid, and the hydrophobic (not water loving) tails facing one another. The cell membrane is constructed in such a way that it is semipermeable, and allows oxygen, CO2 and lipid soluble molecules through easily, while other molecules like glucose, amino acids, water, and ions cannot pass through quite as easily. That is the meaning behind the chant “some things can pass, others cannot!”.

2. Why is
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By keeping solute concentrations as even as possible, it would promote water retention in the cells.

7. In an interview with CHLOE ESTEROL, O2 says that if GLUCOSE can’t enter The Cell, then cellular respiration would be affected. Explain the connection between glucose, oxygen, and cellular respiration.
In the case study, O2 explains that cellular respiration (for the production of ATP) requires both O2 and glucose. Glucose is an energy source which combines with O2 (and produces CO2 and waste), therefore if glucose cannot get in (because it requires a transport protein), O2 cannot do its job to combine with glucose for cellular respiration to occur. Even if O2 is present, without glucose, it cannot perform this energy-producing reaction (cellular respiration).

Mary Amico
Physiology 141 Section 002
Case Study: Newsflash! Transport Proteins on Strike!

8. What is the sodium-potassium pump? How does it work? Which body organ system depends on the sodium-potassium pumps to function?
In the case study, PROFESSOR TOSOL explained, “The sodium-potassium pump is a transport protein which requires ATP to run. It’s a type of active transport that moves sodium and potassium ions across the plasma membrane.” The sodium-potassium pump works by


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