The Little Ice Age and Climate Change Today

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The Little Ice Age and Climate Change Today
Roland Ward
ES117-2A-77: Natural Disasters
8 December 2012
Keith Earnshaw

Abstract The little ice age gave us a glimpse as to how climate change can affect our society. This is especially important today as we stand on the brink of another environmental catastrophe. The acceleration of greenhouse gas output has irrevocably changed how mankind affects the environment. The lessons that we can learn from studying the little ice age may lead us to understanding what we can do stop this process.
Keywords: Climate change, volcanic eruption, global cooling, Maunder minimum

The Little Ice Age and Climate Change Today Few things can give us a glimpse
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The problem with these crops is already becoming apparent with the drought occurring in the Midwest. “US corn and soybeans are crucial to global food supply because they are used for food, feed, cooking oil, and even motor fuel. Reduced supply and higher prices mean that poorer, import-reliant nations may not be able to replenish their food stocks.” (Jonsson, 2012). These are the same types of crops that were destroyed at the advent of the little ice age. They are not even able to survive the current warming trend; so it must be asked just how will they fare when another cold cycle onsets? Would we not be better off now to diversify our staples? We are now experiencing a period of volcanic dormancy, comparatively speaking. Sunspots are fairly active which is creating a healthy amount of radiation for the earth to absorb. In addition to this mankind has industrialized globally. This has produced more greenhouse gasses in a one hundred year period than the earth has ever experienced before. These things have provided a period of warmth and growth that has never been seen before on earth. Industrialization has allowed for a better quality of life which has, in turn, allowed a greater longevity of life and a lower mortality rate in the young. Just as in the mediaeval maximum human population has exploded; we have surpassed six billion people and


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