Preparing a Career Development Plan

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Reasons Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor

Although Scott took a step in the right direction by beginning nightly accounting courses, all of her efforts may be in vain if she does not change her attitude. Burroughs has already given Scott valuable advice on how to change her attitude toward her qualifications and the advice proved to be a success. Now, Scott must continue to seek and present her positive qualifications and build her self-esteem. Each of the ways Scott may prepare herself for career advancement mentioned below can help her build self-esteem and always go into an interview with a positive demeanor.
Lack of communication
Whether Scott’s immediate supervisor did not notice her
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A women’s network may also provide Scott with contacts she may not have had access to before.
Seek out a mentor
A great way for Scott to receive guidance for her career development would be to seek out a mentor. First Sue must decide on who she would like to have as a mentor. She may choose someone in top management she already has an existing relationship with or she may use a women’s network to find a mentor as well. Once she has chosen a mentor, Scott must research her chosen mentor and make contact with this person if she does not know them well. Next, Scott should request help on a task from the potential mentor, if the potential mentor is glad to help, then Scott may proceed to schedule a meeting with said mentor. If she goes into the meeting well prepared with questions and goals, then Scott will more than likely continue to meet with a mentor, providing her with the support she needs to advance her career.
Practice and improve interview skills
Taking Burroughs’ advice to stress positive qualities during an interview was a great first step for Sue. Now that she has identified and fixed one problem she was facing in interviews, Scott should identify other areas of needed improvement. Instead of just practicing for interviews in front of others and then receiving feedback, Scott has the option of videotaping herself while practicing. Doing so will allow Scott to see exactly what actions need to be modified, while also receiving feedback from another


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