The Last Lecture

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The Last Lecture
By: Randy Pausch

Table of Contents

Significance of the Title 5

Setting 6

Main Conflict 7

Main Characters 8

The Major Change 9

Truths About Human Nature 10

Quotes from the Book 11

Significance of the Title

The title of the book comes from the concept of a retiring professor’s last lecture, that gives insights into the professor’s life and what really matters to him. This book is based on the inspirational speech Randy Pausch gave on September
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“When I was in grad school I developed the I choose this quote because like Randy
Habit of tipping back in my chair.” I too have developed a habit of tipping back in my chair without noticing it.

“If nobody ever worried about what was I think that people should focus more in other people’s heads, we’d all be 33% more about doing something with their lives efficient in our lives and on our jobs.” instead of worrying about other people think of them.

“You don’t ever have to worry about what I’m in a way just like Randy because
I’m thinking. Good or bade, I’ll let you know I like to speak my mind if I have a what’s in my head.” problem with someone or something.

“When it comes to men who are romantically I like this quote a lot because I think interested in you, its really simple. Just ignore that parents should tell their young everything they say and only pay attention to daughters this to save them time what they do.” that would be spent crying


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