Final Study Guide

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The exam will be 80 questions, multiple choice. You may use a calculator, however, CELL PHONE USE IS PROHIBITED. Please bring a #2 pencil.
Study aids: This sheet, lecture notes, textbook. Learn and be able to apply concepts; do NOT simply memorize facts. Questions? Come to office hours, ask your TA, post to the discussion board on Compass.
 _What is the difference between satellites and radar? 1. Satellites: View clouds from space a. Radar: View precipitation from ground
 _How is wind direction defined? 1. Wind Direction: Direction FROM which the wind is blowing a. i.e. A north wind blows from the north (toward the south) b. Stick on weather map
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An anticyclone? * Cyclone: Low pressure systems * NH: Counter-clockwise flow * SH: Clockwise flow * Anti-cyclone: High pressure systems * NH: CW flow * SH: CCW flow
 _How do you determine the surface wind direction from isobars? * NH: * Lows: Winds spiral inward, ccw rotation * Highs: Winds spiral outward, cw rotation * SH: * Lows: winds spiral inward, cw rotation * Highs: winds spiral outward, ccw rotation * Surface winds ALWAYS cross isobars at an angle from high to low pressure
*Temp gradients stronger in winter (stronger height gradients and stronger winds during winter)
 _What is convergence? Divergence? * Convergence: Bringing together of air molecules * Increases pressure; add molecules * Divergence: Disperses air molecules * Decreases pressure; lose molecules
 _How are convergence and divergence related to the development of surface highs and lows? * Air converges at surface lows, but aloft air diverges (DIV>CONV) * Air diverges at surface highs, but aloft air converges (CONV>DIV) * Must have things going on aloft to sustain low and high pressures
 _Why is vertical motion important?
 _What is a jet stream? Where are jet streams found? What causes jet streams?
 _What is an air mass? * Large body of air with similar temperature and moisture concentrations * Horizontal ONLY * Air masses


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