The Importance of Uk Visitor Attractions to Tourism.

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Task 1 –Report 4
I am writing a report explaining the importance of UK visitor attractions to tourism. In my report I will be including statistics and data to support my explanation.

Attracting Visitors from overseas
For overseas visitors, United Kingdom is a popular destination. This is because the UK has cultural and heritage attractions that appeals to the overseas visitors. Overseas visitor attractions have to be aware of the overseas markets that are 67%, as they have to make sure that their marketing activities are attracting the overseas visitors.

Top 10 visits 2008 (million) | % of all visits | Top 10 spend 2008 (£ million) | % of all spend | France 3.6 | 11.4 | USA 2223 | 13.6 | Irish Republic 3.1 |
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Contributing to the local and national economy- The visitor attractions create jobs for young people. For example the Olympic Games, created loads of jobs for the young people as well as volunteering for the jobs. However Alton Towers also created jobs for young people, whether that’s a permanent or temporary job. There are loads of jobs that are created at Alton towers, these jobs are 950 jobs that are in the kitchens, conferences and also the bars. The local people work at Alton Towers; these are 70% of people from Staffordshire because they are flexible.

Promoting cultural exchange- Britain’s culture is the kings and queens such as the Royal Family. The UK also has landscapes and castles such as Warwick castle and the Windsor castle. There are other festivals that also take place in the UK such as the Glastonbury festivals and also T4 on the beach. Other traditional British culture is the food, such as fish and chips and the Sunday roast and the mince pies. Other traditions are also the royal wedding, jubilee celebrations, London Marathon.
Providing a learning environment-

The National Space Centre provide a Education or Space Academy programmes, including space theatre shows, tailored workshops, or simulated space missions in the Challenger Learning Centre.
All of their programmes are linked with the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education. The Space Academy partnership, led by the National Space Centre, is specifically focused on


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