Marketing Research Paper for Kudler Fine Foods

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8 ). Among the weaknesses seen from the SWOT analysis, perishable goods ranks the highest of the weaknesses. Because the store deals mostly in perishable goods, constant watching of the produce levels and customers buying habits will be required to keep inventory levels at a minimum and avoid waste. Another weakness of KFF is that it is a specialty shop with a high wage expense. Because it is a small company, the management team has too many responsibilities and needs to come up with a plan to delegate some of the responsibilities of management to others. Problems concerning the Del Mar location and the limitations of geographic expansion must be addressed in order for the company to proceed (p. 9). Many opportunities are seen through the SWOT analysis. The opportunity to expand into other regions of California and outside of California as the company grows in size will require farther research in determining demographics and psychographics of the population. The delegation of the responsibility for purchasing inventory to someone with experience and available to spend more time on this process is necessary to alleviate some of the stress management goes through. Offering more catering services is seen as an opportunity for the company to grow also. As the company grows, an opportunity to be acquired may also present itself